About The Blog

This blog is a space to methodically structure my thoughts on topics related to sport psychology and coaching track their evolution. As individuals trying to make sense of the world, we all ask questions, solve problems, and make decisions; but, we do so in distinct ways. Some of us simplify—to control variables and isolate interactions; others prefer to integrate—to examine all the factors as they contribute to the whole; and—pause— some of us do both! A necessary preface to this blog: I tend to integrate all the moving pieces together, examining how individuals think, feel, and (inter)act within their context(s).

I refer to this thought-process as a BOTH-AND perspective. I take BOTH a person-centered AND context-relevant perspective. The BOTH-AND balance of person and context embraces the uniqueness of each individual with a keen awareness that we all operate within social systems that impact us—as we do them. It is from this BOTH-AND approach that I address topics related to youth/student-athlete and coach development.

Both-and coaching is about offering critical (e.g., what assumptions are left unexamined, what perspectives overlooked?), yet practical (e.g., so what does that mean for my coaching and athletes?), guidance.

This blog is also meant to serve as a space for knowledge-sharing among sport leaders and interested stakeholders. Posts are intended to support 1) action: to bridge the research-practice gap and make relevant research easily accessible to coaches, and 2) co-creation: to encourage coaches to offer their insight into how they see the research findings mapping onto their practice. Coaching is as complex, dynamic, and nuanced; the lived experience of coaches is not only a valuable source of knowledge but can also direct researchers to rigorously investigate pressing issues in sport.

Rather than operate in our separate spaces, sport leaders need to come together. Only through open conversation can we acquire a more comprehensive perspective to ensure that all young people can have a meaningful sport experience. I encourage all visitors to comment on posts and contribute questions/topics for discussion!